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Do you want to Or (BSC)? offers targeted advertisements, to a community of investors keen on finding new safe projects. This community is built as an anti-drug group, therefore, and projects can request us to market their project.

The rates cannot be fixed as it depends on the size of the community. Currently, we have around 4000 Twitter followers, 1000 TikTok…

YOLO is a community based project that began as an anti-rug group, the community is active, helpful and very pleasant to be around. The goal of this project, is to have one community driven token, with many partnerships, unique features and a solid community-chosen road-map.

The YOLO token was created as a means of giving value too and decentralizing the community project.

We also believe in monetizing the future of this project for it to grow sustainably. Thus, we have created a DAO fund wallet. We will utilize this to distinguish the share that I have as a dev, and…

YOLO designed a decentralized application to award long-term investors and liquidity providers with more $YOLO tokens. This allows the community to form partnerships with other projects. Furthermore, it helps to grow its underlying value as it creates liquidity and trading opportunities.

That’s all well and good but how exactly do you stake?

Step 1: Add your desired liquidity on Pancakeswap

To add liquidity on PancakeSwap you must first own some YOLO as well as one of the supported tokens on our dApp, the ratio is 50–50, so the value of both tokens must be equal. You can click this link if you want to stake BNB-YOLO. …

Seen as $YOLO is a community based & run project, we require all-hands on deck. This means that our main source of growth and marketing is you! What do we mean by this? Simple, imagine we start with a person, and this person tells 2 of their friends about YOLO, now there are a total of 3 $YOLO followers. If the 2 new members both bring in 2 more, we are at a total of 7 people, and so on and so forth. Now imagine a whole community of 1000 members plus bringing in more people into this project. …

$YOLO has just released the crypto forum. On this forum, you’re free to talk about anything your heart desires. As long as it is relevant to cryptocurrency or tokens, in some way, shape or form.

It was created so that the community can rapidly discuss their thoughts on a project, shill projects, talk to each other, meet other crypto-enthusiasts, etc.

Everyone can quickly and easily create an account for free at the moment. In the future, signing up will require a minute $YOLO payment to the DAP fund, more details to come…

The link to the forum can be found…

Seen as our community is international, we are required to provide translations into your local languages. These are made mostly by our lovely community, you may find the links to the whitepapers here:


coming soon




Coming Soon)

Coming Soon)

Coming Soon)

Coming Soon)

Coming Soon)

Don’t see your language? Want to provide another translation? Contact us on telegram!

As we are a community intended to avoid rug-pulls in BSC we will tell you one of the biggest issues in crypto and how to spot a scam from a mile away without any coding knowledge.

What is a Shitcoin?

A shitcoin is a cryptocurrency or token that typically gets launched, pumped and dumps again. These days they even incorporate degen aspects to the token in order to prolong imminent doom. They are generally tokens with no use-case or intrinsic value.

How to spot a Shitcoin?

A shitcoin typically pushes only marketing elements of it’s project, has 0 value and no unique use-case or opportunity. Is simply a copy-paste…

What is the DAO Fund?

The DAO fund or the (Decentralized Autonomous Organization Fund) is the fund that we as a community all have together to further develop the project and give more use-cases to the $YOLO token.

How do I request money from the DAO Fund?

Currently, all community members are welcome to come up with a project/ bring their’s to the table and negotiate a partnership with $YOLO, once a partnership is formed, and some sort of deal is struck, $YOLO will be transferred from the DAO fund.

How does money flow-in to the DAO Fund?

Money flows into the DAO fund through multiple income streams. Currently we plan on making merchandise available soon, the $YOLO merch will be sponsoring…

Hello there, thanks for reading this. I presume that you wanted to receive an audit faster for your project? Well no problem. Starting from today, we have created a publicly visible spreadsheet of the order of when the projects will be reviewed.

What is a priority audit?

If there are numerous requests in the free section and you feel like it takes too long to issue a request, you can pay 200$ worth of $YOLO to the DAO fund, and request a priority audit (one that is in the priority queue). Read more about the DAO fund in this article.

How does it work?

Priority queue will be audit…

Many people have been asking themselves, what is the use case for $YOLO, is it an amazing community? An honest team of Developers vetting projects and trying to ensure a safe rug-free environment?

Well, Yes! But not only that, we are not naïve and do not believe that such a token can have a bright future without being used anywhere. That is why we have ensured to roll out a small plan for our future. You could see this as a work-in-progress plan for the future of $YOLO.


We have launched the new yolo website which you can see here…

YOLO Token

Community Run Project! Its main purpose is to create a rug-free environment on the BSC. Its use-case and intrinsic value comes mainly through advertisements.

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