From BSC Community to a long ride with YOLO:

YOLO is a community based project that began as an anti-rug group, the community is active, helpful and very pleasant to be around. The goal of this project, is to have one community driven token, with many partnerships, unique features and a solid community-chosen road-map.

The YOLO token was created as a means of giving value too and decentralizing the community project.

We also believe in monetizing the future of this project for it to grow sustainably. Thus, we have created a DAO fund wallet. We will utilize this to distinguish the share that I have as a dev, and that I have dedicated to the DAO fund. Currently, it is focused on growing the community more, namely marketing.

Work In Progress Community Roadmap:

Or you can see a sneak-peak of the website

Social Media & Other Relevant Links:

If you would like to reach out and join the community you can do so by following these links:
DAO Fund Address: 0x4E3406eE06275FDC22749295Db59085dF8D4a1C4





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