How Can You Help YOLO?

Seen as $YOLO is a community based & run project, we require all-hands on deck. This means that our main source of growth and marketing is you! What do we mean by this? Simple, imagine we start with a person, and this person tells 2 of their friends about YOLO, now there are a total of 3 $YOLO followers. If the 2 new members both bring in 2 more, we are at a total of 7 people, and so on and so forth. Now imagine a whole community of 1000 members plus bringing in more people into this project. Each doing the recommendations as per this guide, we will grow exponentially and rapidly.

What to do?

If you’re interested in helping YOLO grow, you can do the following to help us out:

1. Join us on TG, Discord, Reddit and be active.

2. Follow our Twitter, like & retweet what you see.

3. Subscribe to our YouTube, like & comment Steve’s videos.

4. Donate to the DAO fund to help he marketing fund.

5. Create a subreddit about YOLO and ask the community to upvote (or upvote the subreddit of others)

6. Make Twitter or YouTube posts, comments about our project.

7. If you’re an influencer, tell your following about YOLO so they may discover it too. Or accept donations in $YOLO

8. Suggest ideas to help us buidl our ecosystem more.

9. Be helpful & friendly to our crypto brethren who want the same thing that you do.

10. Tell your friends and family about $YOLO

11. If you have a particular skill, be sure to mention it and use it if possible, for example, if you’re good with photoshop, make memes and post them online.

12. Contact your favorite projects and tell them to reach out to us and partner with us.

I hope we can create an amicable and useful community on the Binance Smart Chain. Thanks for reading ❤️



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