Some news on our Future:

Many people have been asking themselves, what is the use case for $YOLO, is it an amazing community? An honest team of Developers vetting projects and trying to ensure a safe rug-free environment?

Well, Yes! But not only that, we are not naïve and do not believe that such a token can have a bright future without being used anywhere. That is why we have ensured to roll out a small plan for our future. You could see this as a work-in-progress plan for the future of $YOLO.


The DAO Fund

Numerous early investors have generously donated to the DAO fund. We thank them for their trust and help in growing this project!

Growth & Marketing:

Creating Value:

Sounds good and all, but how is this achieved? We believe in simplicity, the simpler the better. Therefore, we have started by forming a partnership. Each partnership will allow people to pair their tokens with ours, giving $YOLO value across multiple assets, growing the liquidity with each transaction, and removing more tokens from circulation (due to the tax). This also incentivizes the community to remove their YOLO from circulation and stake it. Currently, we have already formed a partnership with, where you can earn a yield based on the quantity of liquidity that you are supplying.

Another use for the token (which is intended at increasing demand) is the fact that it can be utilized to receive a priority Audit of your project. This is paid for in $YOLO into the DAO fund, where it sits until it is required in the future (thus pushing the price higher, both in the long and short term). If you’re interested in gathering more information on this feel free to read this story.

And currently, another use-case that recently came out, is the ability to pay for advertising. Similar to the priority audit requests, this is paid in $YOLO to the DAO Fund where it will sit until it is required & decided upon by the community. If you’re keen on gathering more information, here’s a link.

Future Use-cases

We have a surprise after that.

Then, the Governance should roll out soon after.

We also plan on adding multiple features and services to convenience the community in any way with researching project. Once we build enough and grow the community sufficiently, we will be capable of expanding on more broad services on the Binance Smart Chain. Essentially, it will form an ecosystem, built by the community.

Therefore, we plan on forming as many partnerships with legitimate projects as possible. This has multiple benefits. Firstly, other platforms will be capable of providing incentives to you as you HODL your $YOLO. It will also help grow our own community, and give us more liquidity through arbitrage between different liquidity pairs.

Thanks for reading :-D, if it was too long, just check out the TL;DR


  • Launchpad
  • Many Partnerships with legitimate DeFi projects
  • Priority Audits
  • Advertising
  • Surprise!
  • Idea platform
  • DAO
  • Liquidity and Swap for $YOLO and partners (projects we have greenlighted and who have formed a partnership with us)
  • Promotions, Marketing, Giveaways & Airdrops
  • Your idea could be here! This is a community project after all!

Community Run Project! Its main purpose is to create a rug-free environment on the BSC. Its use-case and intrinsic value comes mainly through advertisements.