YOLO Token

$YOLO has just released the crypto forum. On this forum, you’re free to talk about anything your heart desires. As long as it is relevant to cryptocurrency or tokens, in some way, shape or form.

It was created so that the community can rapidly discuss their thoughts on a project, shill projects, talk to each other, meet other crypto-enthusiasts, etc.

Everyone can quickly and easily create an account for free at the moment. In the future, signing up will require a minute $YOLO payment to the DAP fund, more details to come…

The link to the forum can be found with the sub domain “forums”, therefore the link is:

How does this affect the YOLO ecosystem?

For starters, it generates more traffic organically and motivates members of the community to expand the network of the forum. It also incentivized other projects to come and shill their projects on it and to therefore send their members to shill a certain post.

In the long run, this helps us with SEO and once the payment for signup is implemented, it ensures people are real, and willing to join the community.

Seen as these payments also go into the DAO fund, this also contributes to a rising $YOLO price by adding utility to the token.


Any and all suggestions regarding YOLO should ideally be posted on our forums, that way, members do not get discouraged from offering suggestions that don’t get implemented because they are lost in some chat. Instead, it offers us the opportunity to keep it all nicely organized in our forum page. Keep in mind, this is a community run project, therefore, the more active our community is, the more we are able to evolve and grow.

Community Run Project! Its main purpose is to create a rug-free environment on the BSC. Its use-case and intrinsic value comes mainly through advertisements.